Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Eggs Files: United States UFO Report of Giant Flying Egg


 UFO spotters have claimed they saw a massive egg floating over San Diego in California. The base of the object was lit with bright orange lights, they said.

Mufon, the Mutual UFO Network, reported the mystery object as a "black, solid egg shape with orange lights on the bottom". Ominously, it began moving towards the spotter after it was spied hovering above ground, the report claimed.

"Molten  fire" was reportedly falling from the craft. This might have been a sign  the UFO was in trouble, or it could have been egg white dripping from a  crack in the giant shell and then glowing in the orange light.

The spotter, who was not identified, recounted his close encounter: "First saw [the unidentified flying object] coming from the west, it looked like a fiery object floating in the sky. Then as it moved east it stopped and hovered for a few seconds, then it started coming towards me for about 10 seconds, then it stopped and hovered as if it knew I was looking at it."        No images of the giant egg in the air were captured by the witness who said he was worried he would lose sight of the mystery object if he went looking for a camera.

"Then it started to slowly move to the east again," he report continued. "I ran inside and grabbed my mom and my uncle. We all watched it float away before it just vanished somewhere over college. I got a really good look at it through my binoculars for about one minute. No sound. Hovered, then moved, changing directions.

"Looked like molten fire was dripping off it as it flew slowly by. I didn't want to run and grab my camera in fear that it would go away."

The sighting of the egg UFO happened in November but Mufon has only just published the report.

So is it now  time to scramble defence forces to crack the mystery of an  impending alien invasion? Or would that be putting all our eggs in one  basket? Perhaps there are some egg-stenuating circumstances behind the  sighting.
The Eggs Files: United States UFO Report of Giant Flying Egg - IBTimes UK

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