Friday, December 28, 2018

Top 5 authentic UFO sightings reported in 2018

Conspiracy theorists all around the world strongly believe that UFO sightings are the concrete evidence of alien existence.
Last year, Pentagon admitted that they conducted a secret UFO investigation program named AATIP (Advanced Arial Threat Identification Program) to unveil the mysteries surrounding unidentified flying object sightings. Even though the project was scrapped around six years ago, several conspiracy theorists argue that the project is still on, and the United States secret forces are still on the hunt to unravel the real truth behind these unknown flying objects.
In 2018 too, several UFO sightings were reported from various parts of the globe. Upon closer analysis, many UFO videos released by conspiracy theorists seem fabricated, but there are a handful of reports which still remain unanswered by experts.

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