Wednesday, April 8, 2020


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On Monday, Trump signed the executive order called the Encouraging International 
Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources. The directive states that the
1967 Outer Space Treaty allows for the use of space resources on the moon, Mars 
and elsewhere."  Supportive policy regarding the recovery and use of space 
resources is important to the creation of a stable and predictable investment 
environment for commercial space innovators and entrepreneurs, and it is vital to 
the long-term sustainability of human exploration and development of the Moon, 
Mars, and other destinations," the order reads.

It's hard to dismiss Terry Lovelace as a crazy man

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It's hard to dismiss Terry Lovelace as a crazy man. He was an EMT and medic in the Air Force,
 earned a law degree from the University of Michigan, worked as both a defense attorney and
 in the offices of the attorney general -- oh, and he's been married to the same woman for 
46 years and raised a reportedly happy and functional family.

Lovelace says he never intended to tell the rest of his story -- or to write a book about it -- 
until he took up jogging in 2012. Although he'd always suffered from nightmares and hated 
being in wide-open, exposed places, it was then he noticed something about his body he 
couldn't explain. Every time he'd hit the 2-mile mark, a place just above his knee would go 
numb. Finally, medical tests revealed an unexplained piece of metal the size of a fingernail 
implanted in his leg.

Cigar-shaped UFO has been spotted in the United States

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"That's no meteorite. I've witnessed meteors coming in and whatever that is, it's not of nature".
Another said: "There are what they call rods. Instead of the usual round ufo’s we’re used to, those are shaped like cigars".

Objects filmed flying close to the moon

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