Monday, December 28, 2009

Team spots ‘pulsing craft’

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UFO investigators claim to have captured video evidence of a strange triangular shaped craft with pulsing lights flying in the skies above a Shropshire landmark.

Phil Hoyle and Peter Jones, of the Shrewsbury-based UFO Investigations & Research Unit, conducted a sky watch on Monday as they claim the winter solstice is also one of the most active evenings for UFO sightings globally.

Mr Hoyle, and other witnesses who all claim to have had UFO encounters, say they saw a large triangle near The Wrekin for more than 10 minutes. He said he believed no military aircraft were being used at the time about 9.22pm.

Mr Hoyle said the footage of the UFO was captured from the top of Lyth Hill, near Shrewsbury, in the direction of The Wrekin. He estimated the craft to be about four miles away.

He said: “The triangle was caught on a night vision video and it can be clearly seen that it is not a conventional aircraft.

“We could see three large pulsating white lights at each corner with a smaller one in the middle of the object, which is typical of these UFO craft. I also received a number of orange sphere reports from the Newport area.

“On the same date in 2003 we witnessed over 20 unknowns across the Wrekin and north Shropshire, we checked all surrounding civil and military bases and they had no flights at that time.”

Mr Hoyle said the observation times for a UFO sighting had been predicted by a computer programme created by Roy Dutton, a retired British Aerospace scientist. Mr Dutton has developed a system which is claimed can predict times and places most likely for increased UFO activity.

Mr Hoyle said The Wrekin was a hotspot for UFO activity. He said he wanted to hear from anyone who also may have seen unusual lights on Monday evening. He can be contacted on (01743) 245574 or by e-mail at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bigfoot Sighting in North Central MN

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game trail camera bigfootA Minnesota hunter and his son's are not sure what to make of the strange image that turned up on a game trail camera set up on their hunting land in the remote woods near Remer, MN, this fall.

Dagenham is not alone

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A black triangle UFO Monday November 30 a Dagenham man, who did not want to be named, says he and others spotted one hovering in broad daylight near Chequers Corner.

Colorado cow mutilations baffle ranchers, cops, UFO believer

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Colorado cow mutilation
Four calves, all killed overnight. Their innards gone. Tongues sliced out. Udders carefully removed. Facial skin sliced and gone. Eyes cored away. Not a single track surrounding the carcasses, which were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from any road. Not a drop of blood on the ground or even on the remaining skin.

Triangle UFO low over Seattle area roadway December 9

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Two witnesses driving north on 15th Avenue NW pulled over to watch the object as it moved southwest toward West Seattle.

Strange Lights in El Dorado: UFO or Manmade?

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Ky Hoang said he saw the strange lights around 3 a.m. on Monday while taking pictures of the snow on his porch. He tried to capture as much as he could on his video camera.

Polar Cap Boundary Experiments. Norway Spiral?

Norway Spiral
Schedule Notes Viewer Vn
VHF: Boundary 2009 12 08 1800 - 2009 12 09 0200
Scheduled for 1800-2400 We want to study processes taking place within the auroral oval, at the polar cap boundary and even
within the polar cap, like:

- Reconnection (determination ofthe reconnection electric field)
- Poleward boundary intensifications (PBIs), auroral streamers and fast flows
- Drift of F-region polar cap patches across the nightside auroral oval boundary and the effects of that to the boundary

EISCAT website

It Could be this?

Schedule Notes Viewer Vn
VHF: TEQUILA 2009 12 08 0700 - 2009 12 08 1000
Scheduled for 0700-1000:
TEQUILA sunrise (Transient Effects Quantification Under Ionospheric Low Angle sunrise). The idea is to
look at the polar wintertime mesophere through the transient
caused by (scattered) sunrise around 8 UT. . Interestingly, this happens to
be the maximum occurence time of the Polar Mesosphere Winter Echoes (PMWE)

Mysterious 'Norway Spiral' UFO Was Russian Rocket

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But now Russia has confirmed that its latest test-firing of a new intercontinental missile ended in failure - at the same time observers witnessed the early morning light show.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Researcher says we’re near the heart of Bigfoot country

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bigfootA former law enforcement investigator, Paulides says he approaches his research using similar methodologies.

Mysterious Tracks Found Near 'Bigfoot' Sighting

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VideoSAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Experts are investigating reported sightings of a large, hairy, 'Bigfoot-type' creature on San Antonio, Texas' West Side.

Mystery lights pass over Moutere area

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"If I was going to take a guess on it, I would say somebody's got a bunch of helium balloons and they've tied something on to it." But he had discounted every theory he had come up with so far.

Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta Town, Argentina!

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heart of the province of Salta
The “cigar-shaped UFO” (as it is known to specialists) crossed the Saltan night suspended under a spongy ceiling of clouds, and according to some of the numerous witnesses

Burning UFO Spotted In The Skies Over South Miami

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"We saw like a giant red-like, a huge intense red ball which flew right across the side,"

China: Secret Pilot UFO file released

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Diagram of UFO event in ChinaA detailed UFO report of an incident involving a commercial pilot that includes radar images and recordings of the conversation between the pilot and the airport tower has just been made public in China.

Britain pulls the plug on its UFO hotline

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The military explained Friday that more than 50 years of UFO sightings had not revealed any evidence of alien life or threats to the U.K.

San Antonio 'Bigfoot' sightings might just have been hunters

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There have been a number of sightings of a Bigfoot seen near San Antonio's west side, and investigators have found "unexplained" foot prints.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lost Patrol to be remembered

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flight 19
Navy bombers never found after 64 years

Unidentified Objects spotted off Cyprus coast

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Residents of Paphos spotted three strange lights zipping off the coast on Tuesday night in the latest in a series of incidents of unidentified objects in our skies.

Object 'spotted' over East Lancs

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lights near the Waterside pub in Carr Mill
It was incrediably weird, I have never seen anything like this before and I often travel along the East Lancs

Unkown Object spotted in Kuwait?

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Two men in Kuwait told local media that they spotted what they called a “flying saucer.”

'light beings' filmed and reported by Chinese media

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Does this video show a UFO and aliens or perhaps ultra-dimensional beings or possibly even angels? Is it just a flashlight or a spider? You decide.

The astonishingly clear daytime UFO footage below was captured in the wilderness between Perm and Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains bordering Siberia,

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Co-incidentally just today a local newspaper in the area published a long and rather detailed article devoted to the idea that the area between Perm and Sverdlovsk is an anomalous zone specifically pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrial events.

UFO mystery of lights in Chippenham sky

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Mystery lights in the skies above Chippenham in the early hours of Sunday morning have left people wondering if the town was visited by UFOs.

Unidentified Falling Object Seen Near South Miami

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"We saw like a giant red-like, a huge intense red ball which flew right across the side,"

Hacker Gary McKinnon may get judicial review of case

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Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary has revealed he is considering granting computer hacker McKinnon extra time to apply for a judicial review of his case.

Man accused of hijacking school computers for UFO search

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The school district was unknowingly the largest contributor to the "SETI" program, the search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

Denver To Vote On UFO Commission In 2010

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Denver residents will vote next year on whether to create a city commission to study visitors from outer space.