Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crop circle draws visitors in Wilbur Washinton

Teams of paranormal investigators flock to Wilbur wheat field in search of answers
Capital Press
WILBUR, Wash. -- More than 100 people have visited Greg and Cindy Geib's farm since a mysterious, clover-shaped crop circle was found on an acre of a club wheat field a mile from their home.
The Geibs are fifth-generation farmers who raise soft white winter wheat and club wheat on roughly 2,500 acres. They first got wind of the crop circle when a neighbor called Greg on July 24. For about a week, there was no further mention. Then news of the circle hit the local media and went viral on the Internet.
At one point, Cindy said, all three of the phone lines in the house were ringing at the same time. She's had phone messages, emails and participated in interviews with radio personalities from around the country. More than 360 articles and blogs have been posted on the Internet about it.
"Things are hectic enough with harvest going on, all the attention this is bringing is a handful right now," Greg said.
He said the biggest issue for him will be the potential loss of yield due to the downed grain, but he doesn't foresee any other impact.
The Geibs don't know the cause of the crop circle.
"It's anybody's guess at this point," Greg said. "If it is man-made, do they do this with helicopters? How do they get in and out of here without making any tracks? It's a tough one to figure out."
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