Monday, November 5, 2012

Discoveries: In Willow Creek there are Bigfoot believers

Sad to say that, lo these many years, the field of crypto- zoology still has not advanced enough to give us definitive and irrefutable proof of the existence of a hirsute, hulking humanoid known in these parts as Bigfoot.
Not for lack of trying, though.
Popular books and scientific monographs have been written, supposed foot- and handprint casts scrutinized by experts in critters' dermal ridges, hair samples studied with microscopic intensity, a single 55-second film given Zapruder-like, frame-by-frame analysis.
Don't hold your breath for a big reveal any time soon. Heck, cryptozoologists can't even get to the bottom of Loch Ness Monster phenomena, and that's focused in a single lake in the Scottish highlands. Bigfoot – a.k.a. Sasquatch, or its quasi-scientific name, Gigantopithecus – could be anywhere from here in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest to Oregon, Washington or British Columbia.
It's better just to let the mystery be, don't you think? Let people believe what they want and keep a torch for the apelike creature with size-15 feet and God-awful primordial stench. Who are we to say they're wrong, deluded or absolutely bonkers to think the big lug could still be roaming these very woods?

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Discoveries: In Willow Creek there are Bigfoot believers - Sam McManis - The Sacramento Bee

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