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Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real

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 It's not often you come across a scientific paper which notes that the information it covers is like something "seen on the television series Monster Quest." And you rarely read a paper which concludes, "The data conclusively proves that the Sasquatch exist as an extant hominin and are a direct maternal descendant of modern humans." But today, we have such a paper—and there's nothing usual about it, including the journal where it appears.
Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real | Ars Technica

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eyeshine - In the unlikely event you come to possess the remains of a sasquatch...

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  1. Take pictures.  TAKE SO MANY PICTURES.  Full body shots, portraits, details of the hands, feet, genitals, the wound which dispatched the bigfoot (if it did not die of natural causes).  Send these pictures to everyone.  Put them all over the Internet.  When people tell you they’re fake, POST MORE PICTURES.  Don’t hold this kind of thing back - the world wants to know, and the more forthright you are, the more likely we are to believe you.
  2. Take multiple tissue/hair/blood samples.  Send them out to any/every accredited research institution who’ll accept them.  Universities, zoos, hospitals.  If you’re paranoid the men in black are going to swoop in and steal the body, the more widely you distribute data, the harder it becomes for anyone to make it simply go away.
  3. Don’t worry about money.  If you’re in it for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.  And, if you’ve done a lot of hard work to get your sasquatch, and are starting to think some monetary reward might be nice…don’t worry about it.  The money will come later, not for the body itself, but for your experience - TV appearances, speaking engagements, book deals.  But none of that will come if you try to make money off the body itself.  So just stay focused on providing the evidence.
  4. Seriously, don’t be cagey, or secretive, or deceitful.  Be honest and open and share information!  So many people have dedicated their lives to this search, so many people have been haunted by the question, “Is it real?” it’s not fair to them to withhold this sort of revelation.  Think of how you would feel, if you were in their position.  You’d want to know the truth, too.
  5. If you can’t take the whole body (for obvious reasons), take the head.  I know, gross.  But just think…everything we know about Gigantopithecus comes from a few molars and part of a jaw.  Imagine if we had the skull, and the brain!  This can be used to establish the existence of a previously unknown species, whereas a hand or foot are much easier to dismiss.
  6. Wear gloves.

Eyeshine - In the unlikely event you come to possess the remains of a sasquatch...

The History of Explorers' Search for the Yeti

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Outside Online
Tuesday, February 05, 2013
The Search for the Yeti

The Abominable Snowman is just a legend. Or is it? We break down the history of the Himalayas' most famous monster, from ancient legends to Russia's yeti museum.
The History of Explorers' Search for the Yeti | Exploration |

Monday, February 11, 2013

‘Yeti’ which has terrorised Russians for 3yrs is really a bear from the US

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Black bear (ursus americanus) standing up on rocks, Grandfather Mountain Biosphere Reserve, North Carolina, USA. America./ bigfoot yeti 

“YETI” which has terrorised Russians for three years and sparked a global bigfoot frenzy is really a bear from the US, a Sun probe reveals.

Our decisive DNA tests — by a leading genetics expert from Oxford University — show the creature is an American bear that could have fled a circus.
It is more closely related to famous cartoon bear Yogi than a mythical man-like snow monster.
For three years, there have been scores of sightings of a towering, long-haired beast roaming the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia.
The “bigfoot” has shed its unusual black and grey coarse coat in clumps in various caves which have been collected and claimed to be yeti hair.
The samples have never been analysed by top geneticists — until now.
Cartoon character ... Yogi
We gave three hairs from different areas of Shoria to yeti-hunter Prof Bryan Sykes of Oxford’s Wolfson Institute.
His tests reveal one, a long, thick, distinctive hair, comes from a rare type of black bear from North America — Ursus americanus. They can reach 7ft — just like the yeti sighted at Shoria.
The other two hairs turned out to be from a racoon and a horse.
Experts are baffled as the bear is never found native outside the US. The hair is not from an Asiatic black bear, which can be found in Russia.
Prof Sykes — leading a global genetics project to test hair samples from possible bigfoots — revealed: “The hairs did not come from a yeti. The American black bear result was highly unusual. An explanation could be an animal escaped from a circus, zoo or private collection, but it is extraordinary.”

Bigfoot’s lair discovered in Arizona forest: Voice of Russia

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снежный человек йети след нога

Photo: EPA

An abandoned nest-like structure was found covered by branches and grass in the remote forests of Arizona, in the Southwest United States. The discovered lair is believed to be a possible home of the legendary Bigfoot.

Researcher and Bigfoot expert Mitch Waite and his wife discovered and filmed the nest. With a narrow entrance and hollowed inside, the lair is buried halfway underground in the deep woods of the Tonto National Forest on the Mogollon Rim. The nest is reported as belonging to a big-foot type creature called the Mogollon Monster.
The Mogollon Monster is described as standing seven to ten feet tall, with mostly brown and red hair. The creature is also described as having a strong musky odor. Waite has collected footprints, hair samples and feces and claims to have put together a series of photographs and videos which back up his claims that he discovered the nest where the creature used to sleep.
The first reported sightings were in the early 1900s and continue to this day. The legend of the "Big Hairy Man" or "The Old Man of the Mountain" has been passed down by Apache and Navajo Native American tribes for hundreds of years.
Voice of Russia, the Daily Mail

Bigfoot’s lair discovered in Arizona forest: Voice of Russia

Sasquatch researchers to gather locally - Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs,

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WHEELING - Researchers gather at Cabela's at the Highlands this week to discuss the science behind the search for Sasquatch.
The third-annual Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Seminar is set for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the store.
Events begin at 6 p.m. Friday in the Cabela's Conference Center with a reception featuring Jeff Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who is recognized as one of the leading scientific authorities on the possibility of the existence of Sasquatch - also called "Big Foot."
The actual seminar will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and there is no charge to attend.
"There is the possibility that Sasquatch exists, and Cabela's supports the scientific research to find out the truth," Bud Forte, retail marketing manager for Cabela's at the Highlands, said. "There is a real possibility there is a bi-pedal creature that inhabits North America and other parts of the world. We don't know the truth, and there are real scientists doing the research."
Meldrum is the author of the book "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science."
Joining him will be researchers Eric Altman, a crpytozoologist and director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society; David Dragosin, assistant director; independent researcher Stan Gordon; and Billy Willard, founder of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.

Sasquatch researchers to gather locally - Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs,

Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Florida's Walton County? | State | Bradenton Herald

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DESTIN — Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Walton County?
Growing up exploring and hunting in the backwoods of Northwest Florida, 26-year-old Omar Helms is at home in the forest.

Read more here:
From deer to bear, he is familiar with every track and marking an animal makes — until he encountered an unfamiliar print earlier this week.
“It was 17 inches across and one inch deep,” said Helms. “It appeared to have four or five toes, with a distinct heel and arch.” Helms said he knew immediately what he was looking at — “it was obviously a Bigfoot footprint.”
On Tuesday, Omar and his father, Joel Helms, were exploring an area of woods a few miles southwest of their home in DeFuniak Springs. They’ve been to dozens of times when they stumbled upon what they say is the massive mammal’s marking.
Although the father-son team told The Destin Log newspaper that they didn’t see the actual Bigfoot responsible for leaving the impression, they estimate he was a strikingly strapping Sasquatch.
“Looking at the footprint, I think he probably weighs between 500 and 900 pounds, and he’s at least eight or nine feet tall,” Omar said. “The entire print was pressed about one inch into the ground — hard.” Breaking through the heavy layer of pine straw and leaving such a clear, deep print, he had to be of a substantial size. The Helms’ say they are certain of that.
“The footprint was left in relatively hard, dark soil — not mud,” said Joel. Unfortunately, the animal appeared to be moving off of the path, into an extremely dense patch of woods, so only one print could be obtained. The two decided to document their findings with pictures and a plaster mold.

Read more here:
Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Florida's Walton County? | State | Bradenton Herald

Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk

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A family out egg hunting last spring near their village of Kasigluk came upon an incredible sight – a large, dark, hairy creature walking upright was heading towards them.
They – two teenaged brothers and their mom - were on the outskirts of the village riding their 4-wheeler when they saw it. It was approximately around 3pm, and the weather was beautiful, although slightly cloudy. School was out for the summer and the date was May 29th, 2012.
Could it have been the elusive Bigfoot?
“We came across it by the lagoon here in Kasigluk,” said one the eyewitnesses. “It was back there southeast of Fox Lake.”
While they were out that day, the three family members saw other people who coming home from egg hunting. So at first they thought the creature was a person.
“After it passed, we looked at each other and thought, ‘we just saw Bigfoot’,” the eyewitness said.
Legendary Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk - The Delta Discovery

'Bigfoot' sighting in Lewiston?

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by jmaloni
Mon, Feb 11th 2013 10:35 am
A highly controlled sturgeon sparring season exists in Wisconsin
by Mark Daul
Outdoors in Niagara
One nice, comfortable day I drove down to the Lewiston Landing and ran into three other old fossils hanging around; one was leaning over the rail expecting to see some gigantic fish swim up within sight so he could ooh and aah at the monster, the other two were checking to see what boats were out fishing, and we all started chewing the fat. We all knew one another because we were associated somehow within the fishing circles, or should I say fishing community. If you visit the Landing, it is likely you will see some of us old codgers parked in the handicapped area at the Landing overlooking the river.
One guy, Mike, the gabbiest, said, "Mark, did you hear about the 'Bigfoot' that was spotted last summer over off Balmer Road in the woods? Ya know, over there, between Balmer and Swann?"
After a chuckle from 'Crappie King' Bill and the others, I asked if he was serious. "Yeah!" Was his reply. I told him, "I think you watch too much Animal Planet on TV." Then I asked him, "Did you see it yourself?" "Nope, but my buddy said he heard about it."
I thought, here we go again, somebody's imagination gone astray. It was probably a deer, a big dog or even a coyote this person saw and the story grew into being a "Bigfoot" sighting.
I told Mike, "Do you realize 'Bigfoot' or 'Sasquatch' stories have been around since the late 1800s and yet up until today, no one has ever proved them to exist?" No one ever found an expired one where it could be positively identified. Then I mentioned, right here in our own Niagara River, we have something that has existed since the dinosaur days and it still exists today, and it's really real. When I said that, I was looked at like some kind of person that has lost it. Then Kool Jimmie, the coolest guy of the bunch spoke up and said, "Are you talking about sturgeon?" Yes, I told him. Lake Sturgeon to be exact.

'Bigfoot' sighting in Lewiston?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do you believe in Sasquatch? - Vote

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Do you believe in Sasquatch? - York News-Times: Home

Another Alaska Bigfoot sighting?

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Another Alaska Bigfoot sighting? | Alaska Dispatch

Bigfoot spotted in Arctic Alaska? Or maybe it was just a polar bear gone bald.

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Bigfoot spotted in Arctic Alaska? Or maybe it was just a polar bear gone bald. | Alaska Dispatch

Russian Bigfoot DNA Analyzed By Scientists: Yeti Or Yogi?

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Bigfoot DNA is in the news again. Over the last three years, the Russian Bigfoot, or Yeti, was claimed to be a “towering, long-haired beast roaming the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia.” This potential Bigfoot has left clumps of hair in caves that scientists have just now analyzed.
Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford’s Wolfson Institute has led a global genetics project to test hair samples from possible Bigfoots. Professor Sykes told The Sun what he thought about this Bigfoot DNA:
“The hairs did not come from a yeti. The American black bear result was highly unusual. An explanation could be an animal escaped from a circus, zoo or private collection, but it is extraordinary.”
The distinctive hair is now thoughts to have come from a rare type of black bear from North America which has a scientific classification of Ursus americanus. The other two potential Bigfoot DNA samples turned out to be from a raccoon and a horse.
These black bears can reach seven feet, just like the yeti sighted at Shoria, but experts are puzzled since they would expect the hair to be from an Asiatic black bear, which can be throughout Russia, instead of a bear species normally confined to North America. The working hypothesis is that the North American black bear is an escaped circus animal.

Russian Bigfoot DNA Analyzed By Scientists: Yeti Or Yogi?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ufo? Lights Above Super Bowl 47 Before Blackout New Orleans

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Old Ned’s Devil

There is a pub in Smethwick, just outside Birmingham, in the West Midlands, England, called the Blue Gate that may lay claim to erstwhile cryptozoological fame. Mysteries researcher and author Nick Redfern now resides in the USA, but he formerly lived only a few miles from Smethwick, and on 5 November 2007 he gave me the following fascinating information - derived from the great-uncle of a friend, Eddie, of Nick’s father.

Around the end of the 19th Century, Eddie’s great-uncle Ned was driving a pony and trap on Rolfe Street, Smethwick, late one night when he heard some strange noises behind him. Suddenly, a weird-looking animal leapt out at him, but he supposedly fought it off with his horse-whip. The creature was killed, placed in a glass case, and displayed in the Blue Gate pub on Rolfe Street for some time, where the locals dubbed it ‘Old Ned’s Devil’. Sadly, however, this mystifying specimen, for which no morphological description exists, apparently vanished years ago, and nothing more is known of it.

Living not too far from this area, I have made some enquiries myself, but no-one has been able to add to the above details given to me by Nick. I also included an item on it in my Alien Zoo column for Fortean Times not long after I received the original information on it from Nick, but it did not elicit any response from readers. So at present this is where the matter rests – except for the intriguing fact that the general storyline of the Smethwick mystery beast’s attack upon Eddie’s great-uncle is very similar to that for another bizarre beast from that same bygone period, the Shropshire Union Canal man-monkey.

As Nick has actually written a book about this latter beast, he is naturally particularly curious about the Smethwick equivalent, as indeed am I. Could the two stories stem from a single source, and, if so, how? Alternatively, were there truly two separate albeit very comparable incidents and, if so, what exactly was Old Ned’s Devil? An escapee/released exotic pet, possibly?


Is there a Bigfoot or Canal Man in our area? - Canton, OH

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 The mere mention of Bigfoot can draw anywhere from skepticism to fascination and it has been that way for a long time. Bigfoot is also known by a number of other names of which includes,” Grass man” given to a creature reportedly seen in the Akron area.
There have been so many reported sightings over the last couple of centuries here in the U.S. that you have to wonder if there is any fact behind these legends? With the cable TV show called, Finding Bigfoot being so popular, there has been a lot of discussion on Bigfoot and why we cannot find him or are we not looking in all of the right places.
I want to introduce you to another creature from our own area that has a very similar description of that given to Bigfoot. The legends of this creature came about from historical events. The area between Massillon and Akron had at one time been inhabited by Native Americans. The Ohio and Erie Canal began construction in 1825. There have always been stories of huge fish that live in the undisturbed murky waters of the canal. I myself had seen a carp that was more than 4 feet long and at another time an enormous snapping turtle eating a Canadian goose.
During the construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal which was built by hand, the work was predominantly done by Irish and Chinese immigrant workers where the work was hard with low wages, but, was given with their pay a jigger of whiskey to wash away the pain.

Is there a Bigfoot or Canal Man in our area? - Canton, OH -

Yowie seeker, 68, has something to prove

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FOR cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy, 2013 could be the year of the yowie.
The Australian Yowie Research Centre director will hit Springbrook National Forrest in February determined to end his 55-year search for the elusive creature, which has become part of Australian folklore.
The 68-year-old's career in cryptozoology -- the search for animals whose existence has not been proven -- has been hampered by health issues this year which have delayed the hunt for more than six months.
However, Mr Gilroy says he is physically ready and prepared to rough it if it means proving the creature's existence.
"Next year is 2013 and I consider 13 a lucky number, so I have a good feeling about it being the one in which I will find something conclusive," he said.
"The Holy Grail I am hoping to find would be physical evidence such as body hair, skin tissue samples and body parts, which would really be something.

Yowie seeker, 68, has something to prove Local Gold Coast News | | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Poll: Northwesterners divided on belief in Sasquatch : The Issaquah Press – News, Sports, Classifieds and More in Issaquah, WA

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Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance surveyed Northwest residents about the hairy hominid and found 33 percent believe Sasquatch possibly exists, and about one in 10 respondents claimed to have actually seen Sasquatch or know somebody who did.
Oregon residents seemed less convinced, though, than Washington counterparts. Overall, more than half of Portlanders — 55 percent — doubt the creature exists. Still, more than a quarter of respondents polled in Portland — 28 percent — embrace the possibility of Sasquatch.
Washingtonians continue to believe. The poll first asked Washingtonians about Sasquatch in 2009, and more than one-third of respondents maintain the view of Sasquatch as real.
The respondents included 159 people in King County. The sample size for Issaquah is too small to offer much data.
“People might wonder, ‘Why is an insurance company even bothering with something so silly?’ Is PEMCO pondering Sasquatch-protection coverage? No. Does it matter to our business if they exist? No. Is it a fun and whimsical topic for a survey? Absolutely! Especially here in the quirky Northwest where, Sasquatch is part of our culture,” PEMCO spokesman Jon Osterberg said.

Poll: Northwesterners divided on belief in Sasquatch : The Issaquah Press – News, Sports, Classifieds and More in Issaquah, WA

Bigfoot: Is Mysterious Screech Sasquatch? - ABC News

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He’s the elusive hairy giant of legend, a tabloid hero and news diversion. Now, Bigfoot is back in the headlines. It’s not foot prints, grainy video or sightings. This time it’s audio. A recording that was given to the Oregonian newspaper captured high-pitched shrieks and roars from a swampy area in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, a bigfoot hot spot for decades. READ: ‘Finding Bigfoot’: Never-Ending Search for Sasquatch People living in the area said they’ve been hearing the strange cries in the night since November. “These are not just animals, these are a type of people,” said Melba Ketchum, a bigfoot expert. Some suggest it could be a young bigfoot that got lost calling out for his fellow bigfoots. “Well, first, it’s more than one. Remember it’s not bigfoot, it’s bigfoots. There’s a misconception out there that we’re looking around for this one thing,” said Matt Moneymaker, a bigfoot hunter. One alternate theory for the high pitched shrieks is that they could be the screams of local foxes.
Bigfoot: Is Mysterious Screech Sasquatch? - ABC News

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Eggs Files: United States UFO Report of Giant Flying Egg

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 UFO spotters have claimed they saw a massive egg floating over San Diego in California. The base of the object was lit with bright orange lights, they said.

Mufon, the Mutual UFO Network, reported the mystery object as a "black, solid egg shape with orange lights on the bottom". Ominously, it began moving towards the spotter after it was spied hovering above ground, the report claimed.

"Molten  fire" was reportedly falling from the craft. This might have been a sign  the UFO was in trouble, or it could have been egg white dripping from a  crack in the giant shell and then glowing in the orange light.

The spotter, who was not identified, recounted his close encounter: "First saw [the unidentified flying object] coming from the west, it looked like a fiery object floating in the sky. Then as it moved east it stopped and hovered for a few seconds, then it started coming towards me for about 10 seconds, then it stopped and hovered as if it knew I was looking at it."        No images of the giant egg in the air were captured by the witness who said he was worried he would lose sight of the mystery object if he went looking for a camera.

"Then it started to slowly move to the east again," he report continued. "I ran inside and grabbed my mom and my uncle. We all watched it float away before it just vanished somewhere over college. I got a really good look at it through my binoculars for about one minute. No sound. Hovered, then moved, changing directions.

"Looked like molten fire was dripping off it as it flew slowly by. I didn't want to run and grab my camera in fear that it would go away."

The sighting of the egg UFO happened in November but Mufon has only just published the report.

So is it now  time to scramble defence forces to crack the mystery of an  impending alien invasion? Or would that be putting all our eggs in one  basket? Perhaps there are some egg-stenuating circumstances behind the  sighting.
The Eggs Files: United States UFO Report of Giant Flying Egg - IBTimes UK