Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Florida's Walton County? | State | Bradenton Herald

DESTIN — Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Walton County?
Growing up exploring and hunting in the backwoods of Northwest Florida, 26-year-old Omar Helms is at home in the forest.

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From deer to bear, he is familiar with every track and marking an animal makes — until he encountered an unfamiliar print earlier this week.
“It was 17 inches across and one inch deep,” said Helms. “It appeared to have four or five toes, with a distinct heel and arch.” Helms said he knew immediately what he was looking at — “it was obviously a Bigfoot footprint.”
On Tuesday, Omar and his father, Joel Helms, were exploring an area of woods a few miles southwest of their home in DeFuniak Springs. They’ve been to dozens of times when they stumbled upon what they say is the massive mammal’s marking.
Although the father-son team told The Destin Log newspaper that they didn’t see the actual Bigfoot responsible for leaving the impression, they estimate he was a strikingly strapping Sasquatch.
“Looking at the footprint, I think he probably weighs between 500 and 900 pounds, and he’s at least eight or nine feet tall,” Omar said. “The entire print was pressed about one inch into the ground — hard.” Breaking through the heavy layer of pine straw and leaving such a clear, deep print, he had to be of a substantial size. The Helms’ say they are certain of that.
“The footprint was left in relatively hard, dark soil — not mud,” said Joel. Unfortunately, the animal appeared to be moving off of the path, into an extremely dense patch of woods, so only one print could be obtained. The two decided to document their findings with pictures and a plaster mold.

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Is Bigfoot roaming the woods of Florida's Walton County? | State | Bradenton Herald

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