Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is there a Bigfoot or Canal Man in our area? - Canton, OH

 The mere mention of Bigfoot can draw anywhere from skepticism to fascination and it has been that way for a long time. Bigfoot is also known by a number of other names of which includes,” Grass man” given to a creature reportedly seen in the Akron area.
There have been so many reported sightings over the last couple of centuries here in the U.S. that you have to wonder if there is any fact behind these legends? With the cable TV show called, Finding Bigfoot being so popular, there has been a lot of discussion on Bigfoot and why we cannot find him or are we not looking in all of the right places.
I want to introduce you to another creature from our own area that has a very similar description of that given to Bigfoot. The legends of this creature came about from historical events. The area between Massillon and Akron had at one time been inhabited by Native Americans. The Ohio and Erie Canal began construction in 1825. There have always been stories of huge fish that live in the undisturbed murky waters of the canal. I myself had seen a carp that was more than 4 feet long and at another time an enormous snapping turtle eating a Canadian goose.
During the construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal which was built by hand, the work was predominantly done by Irish and Chinese immigrant workers where the work was hard with low wages, but, was given with their pay a jigger of whiskey to wash away the pain.

Is there a Bigfoot or Canal Man in our area? - Canton, OH -

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