Friday, December 28, 2018

10 flying objects people have mistaken for alien spaceships

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It's a familiar and intriguing story: A strange craft appears in the sky, performs seemingly otherworldly aerobatics, baffles onlookers, and then is gone as quickly as it appeared, leaving us to question our eyesight and sanity.
But the reality is, many foreign things seen in the sky — also known as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs — are revealed to be anything but extra-terrestrial. Most of these sightings turn out to be experimental planes, atmospheric phenomena, or merely everyday objects that slip from our hands and head skyward.
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Best locations in the USA to spot a UFO

Jagged light in California night sky feeds UFO speculation

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Residents of Northern California and people as far away as Nevada and Oregon got an eyeful of what looked like a special effect from a sci-fi movie on Wednesday night. A strange, bright jagged light appeared in the skies above the San Francisco Bay Area. 
The speculation came fast, with witnesses wondering if the light was caused by a rocket launch or a UFO. Twitter users rolled out the #UFO hashtag and some outright called it a UFO sighting.

UFO hunters claim this image shows a pyramid on Mars

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Alien hunters are claiming that an image taken by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter over a decade ago shows an artificial structure on the Red Planet.  The three sided peak taken from above the surface appears to show what looks like a pyramid, similar to the ones found in Egypt. But despite the image being over 10 years old, conspiracy theorists are once again throwing claims around the internet.  Alien theorist, Scott C Waring, told the Daily Express: "I found a giant three-sided pyramid on Mars in a Gigapan photo. The pyramid has one smooth side, which is probably the original outer coating that was made for it, but the other two sides have severely eroded".

UFO researcher pledges to donate entire UFO collection to UNM

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - A Rio Rancho man has spent years building a massive collection, and wants to leave his legacy behind for future ufologist.  
From pictures and magazines, to newspapers and audio recordings; David Marler, a UFO researcherwho lives in Rio Rancho, is fascinated with UFOs and has built up quite a collection. 
"The unidentified object, which some sources thought might be a blimp, moved slowly down the Pacific Coast," announces an old radio broadcast in Marler's collection.
"Starting in 1990, I started amassing what was then a small library, and it has now grown to epic proportions," Marler said.

Researchers, explorers gather for Bigfoot convention

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About 50 people gathered at the Mirabeau Park Hotel to share their experiences and what they’ve found in their individual searches for Bigfoot.
The two-day Sasquatch Roundup Event featured guest speakers, a VIP dinner and presentations where researchers and explorers could detail their latest research and Bigfoot sightings.

Conspiracy theorists see Trump's Space Force as strong evidence of UFO visitors

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President Trump’s order to create a military Space Force gave conspiracy theorists another tantalizing piece of evidence — some say the best yet — that the government is hiding the truth about extraterrestrial visitors.
The idea is that launching the Space Force will be a big step toward the government’s acknowledgment of extraterrestrials and technology gleaned from crashed alien spacecraft — what the UFO community calls “full disclosure.”
Making it all the more real, the Space Force plan pits Mr. Trump against his natural enemy: the “deep state” within the federal government. The deep state is also the keeper of alien secrets, according to UFO researchers.

Monstrous creature ‘turned its head and looked straight at our car,’

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A woman is reported to have seen a frightening “creature” on a road outside the eastern Kentucky town of Sandy Hook, prompting an investigation by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.
The group released a “follow-up report” this month that concludes the woman saw something that wasn’t human. Sandy Hook is about 100 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky.
“She described it as a walking tree,“ investigator Jack Smarr said after interviewing the woman.

Top 5 authentic UFO sightings reported in 2018

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Conspiracy theorists all around the world strongly believe that UFO sightings are the concrete evidence of alien existence.
Last year, Pentagon admitted that they conducted a secret UFO investigation program named AATIP (Advanced Arial Threat Identification Program) to unveil the mysteries surrounding unidentified flying object sightings. Even though the project was scrapped around six years ago, several conspiracy theorists argue that the project is still on, and the United States secret forces are still on the hunt to unravel the real truth behind these unknown flying objects.
In 2018 too, several UFO sightings were reported from various parts of the globe. Upon closer analysis, many UFO videos released by conspiracy theorists seem fabricated, but there are a handful of reports which still remain unanswered by experts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Shot at multiple times by another man who "mistook him for Bigfoot."

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A Helena man target shooting on public land near Helena reported being shot at multiple times by another man who "mistook him for Bigfoot."
The man, who identified himself to dispatchers as being 27 and from Helena, was reportedly setting up targets on BLM land in the North Hills when, he says, a bullet hit about 3 feet to his left, and then another bullet hit to his right before he ran to cover and heard more shots.