Wednesday, January 16, 2019

More chaff? Evansville-area radar blips had an answer. These don't

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Back on Dec. 10, the Evansville area was embroiled in intrigue when mysterious radar blips appeared over Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. The long lines baffled the National Weather Service because they looked like storms – but it wasn’t raining.
The War Zone eventually confirmed the anomalies arose when a C-130 traveling to West Virginia from a military exercise out west released over our area huge plumes of military chaff – radar-jamming material mostly composed of aluminum.
Sounds reasonable. But it does nothing to explain what happened in Maine and Florida around the same time.
Similar blips materialized on radar over Portland, Maine, on Dec. 12. The National Weather Service there also guessed chaff was to blame.
But unlike here, no concrete explanation sprang forth.
According to The War Zone, the one Maine Air National Guard flying unit doesn’t have any planes equipped to release chaff. And it’s not like a plane from a different base would jet all the way to Maine just to spew chaff.

Friday, January 11, 2019

93 UFO Sightings Reported In Connecticut In 2018

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There were a grand total of 93 reported UFO sightings in Connecticut in 2018, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. And if you're curious, there were 70 reported UFO sightings in 2017. So for some reason there was a big jump in sightings in 2018. We'll see what 2019 brings us.
Here are all of the Connecticut communities that have reported at least one sighting in 2018: Kent, Newington, Bristol, Eastford, Lebanon, Plainville, Norwich, Fairfield, Plantsville, Danbury, Branford, Greenwich, West Haven, Southington, East Hartford, Norwalk, Bethany, Vernon, Stratford, Pawcatuck, Trumbull, Clinton, Meriden, Berlin, Shelton, Jewett City, Hartford, Torrington, Tolland, Middletown, Ridgefield, Darien, North Haven, Waterford, Winsted, Watertown, Bridgeport, Hebron, Southbury, Newington, Somers, Simsbury, Harwington, Wallingford, Sandy Hook, Burlington, and Coventry.

Women's shock as they 'see UFO'

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A woman and her aunt say they have spotted a potential UFO in Hull whilst heading to the shops.
The pair, who do not wish to be named, took a picture of a low flying red object near Peel Street, off Spring Bank, above an astro-turf pitch. They were unsure of what the light was, but speculated that it could be a UFO, which they say they viewed at 5.40pm on Sunday.
The sighting left them in a state of shock, and has made them wonder whether extra-terrestrial life may be present in the city.
"We were walking towards the shops when we saw a big red ball in the sky that was really low down and wasn't moving that looked like it may have rings around it," said the woman

UFO, meteor or an out-of-control Russian satellite?

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WAS it a comet, UFO, space junk, meteor or burning plane?
According to a local expert the object seen flying through our sky last night was probably the remains of a Russian satellite - and it there's a chance, a tiny one, that a small part of it might be sitting in someone's backyard.

Brit UFO hunter who died after vomiting ‘dark brown liquid’

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The death of the UFO hunter, who was known as Max, was shrouded in mystery after he told his mum to "investigate" if anything happened to him.
An inquest in Sandwich, Kent, heard today how the dad-of-two had been staying at the home of Monika Duval, 50, in Poland after attending a conference.
She told the hearing in a written statement how he had complained "satanic groups" were after him in the lead up to his death.
Monika agreed shortly after they met in April 2016 to let him stay at her house, rather than take his return plane ticket back to Britain.

Nearly 20 UFO sightings reported in Cass Co.

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Almost 20 UFO sightings from across Cass County were reported to a national research center over the past 16 years, according to a database updated last month.
The Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center, or NUFORC, was founded in 1974, according to its website.
"The Center's primary function over the past two decades has been to receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events," the website states.
NUFORC's main means for receiving those reports is its telephone hotline.

Ex-Dem Sen. Harry Reid Wants More Government UFO Studies

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Former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., is urging lawmakers to dig into whether UFOs and aliens exist.
Reid spoke with Nevada Public Radio about his life as a retired senator, which now has him battling pancreatic cancer. But one issue he wants to see action on is UFOs.
"I think it is something we can't ignore," Reid said. "I personally don't know if there exist little green men places. I kind of doubt that, but I do believe the information we have indicates we should do a lot more study."

Read Newsmax: Ex-Dem Sen. Harry Reid Wants More Government UFO Studies |

Thursday, January 3, 2019

‘Oumuamua: Hunk of interstellar rock or sun-powered alien UFO?

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Named ‘Oumuamua—from the Hawaiian for “scout”—various theories emerged as to what it could be. A comet was the first thought, but it lacked the trademark gaseous tail. Then it was posited to be an asteroid, but it began to accelerate at a pace that scientists were unable to explain.
This month, a pair of Harvard scientists published a paper suggesting that the object might be an abandoned alien spacecraft pushed forward by a “solar sail”—a device using energy from the sun to propel the vessel through space. In January 2019, it will travel beyond Saturn’s orbit on its way out of our solar system. In the interest of scientific rigour, Maclean’s has rounded up the hottest takes from Canada’s leading experts on what they believe ‘Oumuamua might be.


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“Triangular UFO” filmed by eyewitnesses on the U.S. military base in Ohio. According to witnesses, the naked eye can’t see details of a flying object is impossible due to the emitted “unusually bright light”.

UFO group in partnership with Chilean government

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UFOCUS NZ director Suzanne Hansen told RNZ there was an emerging pattern of reported sightings of UFOs throughout the country, involving 'corridors' and 'hotspots' and that many sightings seemed to be associated with seismic events.
She made her comments this week during the 40th anniversary of New Zealand's most famous UFO encounter, the so-called 'Kaikoura Lights' sightings on 31 December 1978, which were filmed by an Australian camera crew and enthralled millions of people across the world.
The UFO research network has a co-operation agreement with the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, a joint military, science and aviation body set up by the Chilean government, which also follows a theory that UFO sightings are associated with seismic activity and is investigating the link.
The groups have carried out joint research projects and have been exchanging information since signing an official agreement in September 2013.
The retired school teacher said the group's team of eight investigators had been busy looking into eight reports of UFOs this year. The team includes former air force staff, an astronomer and science and medical professionals.
"Most reports we receive are from the North Island, which is probably because of a denser population," she said.
"We hear a lot from cray fishermen, truck drivers and farmers, and there are hotspots with a history of reported sightings.

Old British Star Saw a UFO Close to Her Hotspot...

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Corrie's hotpot queen Betty Driver claimed she had two close encounters with flying saucers.
Fearing ridicule the star, who played Rovers cook Betty Turpin, mentioned it to nobody – except a UFO expert.
She said a ball of light hovered near the house she shared with sister Freda in Didsbury, Manchester, in 1977.
Freda saw it first then Betty, who starred in Corrie for 42 years, watched as the UFO “shot up” into the sky.
Freda told John Hanson, a UFO hunter and ex-CID officer: “I saw this large circular yellow ‘ball of light’.
“It had a slightly misty halo around it. After about 15 minutes, I summoned up the courage to venture outside. As soon as our three boxer dogs saw the UFO, they ran back inside and hid under the table.
"We began to feel frightened and went back inside the house.

Bright 'orb' frightens fox at night in New York

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