Wednesday, April 8, 2020

It's hard to dismiss Terry Lovelace as a crazy man

It's hard to dismiss Terry Lovelace as a crazy man. He was an EMT and medic in the Air Force,
 earned a law degree from the University of Michigan, worked as both a defense attorney and
 in the offices of the attorney general -- oh, and he's been married to the same woman for 
46 years and raised a reportedly happy and functional family.

Lovelace says he never intended to tell the rest of his story -- or to write a book about it -- 
until he took up jogging in 2012. Although he'd always suffered from nightmares and hated 
being in wide-open, exposed places, it was then he noticed something about his body he 
couldn't explain. Every time he'd hit the 2-mile mark, a place just above his knee would go 
numb. Finally, medical tests revealed an unexplained piece of metal the size of a fingernail 
implanted in his leg.

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